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When Grace Whispers was founded out of a vision to see more conversation surrounding mental health in faith-based communities.

Christ didn't create us to live alone, but so often those dealing with mental health struggles feel isolated within the Christian community.  Questions like how to have joy in the Lord and find the peace that surpasses all understanding are difficult to wrestle with when struggling with one's mental health, and can be too often glossed over by well-meaning answers that fail to understand the complexities that Christians face in this area.


This website is a safe place to engage in conversations about the brokenness in our humanity, and how that shouldn't shame us to the back corner of the church building, but rather have us running towards the foot of the cross.  It is in Christ that we are fully welcomed and belong, despite what we've done, what we've been through or even what we believe. Whoever you are, whether you're struggling to understand yourself or want to help a friend, this site is for you. You're invited, and this is a special invitation of discovering who Jesus is in your own life, amidst the hurts and pain.

It's about to get real. So join us as we take off the "Christian mask" and dive into what it means to be caught up in the loving arms of a Savior who doesn't want our perfected religion, but rather, our surrendered hearts.

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